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Oil Distribution


Dynamic Diesel Services are focussed on ensuring that your diesel vehicles perform to the best of their ability. One way we can do this is by providing a good quality oil that our heavy vehicle mechanics recommend and use.

You are able to purchase this oil in-store from our heavy vehicle mechanics if you visit our warehouse that is situated in the Darlington Park Estate in Ormeau, halfway between Brisbane and the Gold Coast, or our mobile workshops can provide an oil distribution service direct to your site, anywhere from Northern NSW, throughout the Gold Coast and right up to North Brisbane.
The brand we use for our oil distribution service is Synforce. Call for more information or a free quote.

  • Synforce Lubricants are Australia’s leading manufacturer of premium grade petrol and diesel engine oils, automotive and Industrial lubricants and fluids and industrial chemicals.
  • Synforce Lubricants consistently exceed industry standards, original equipment manufacturer’s specifications and our customer’s expectations to deliver lubricants that achieve outstanding levels of protection and enhanced performance.
  • Synforce Lubricants use only Group 2 pure blend base oils in all their product ranges
  • “Hot blending” ensures the best possible bonding of all component ingredients in the manufacturing process, and the elimination of additive “dropout”
  • Synforce Lubricants mix their premium quality products by weight, not volume, ensuring industry-leading accuracy in production and optimum product specification, every time.
  • The end result is a better performing, longer lasting and more effective lubricant for your vehicle, machinery or equipment.
  • Synforce offers end-users measurably better engine performance and the assurance of greater engine protection,
  • Synforce Lubricants are a more cost-effective alternative to the major multi-national and other ‘premium’ brand lubricants.
Don’t just change your oil, change your expectations.
Dynamic Diesel Services Gold Coast workshop carries a broad range of Synforce Lubricants for oil distribution, including:

  • Petrol engine oils
  • Diesel engine oils
  • Motorcycle oils
  • Hydraulic Oils
  • Gear & Diff Oils
  • Transmission Oils
  • Marine & Agricultural Oils
  • Two Stroke Engine Oils
  • Brake Fluids
  • Coolants
  • Industrial Cleaners
We also supply Fleetguard, Baldwin and Sakura filters.
At Dynamic Diesel Services we can provide spare parts, oil distribution, all repair and maintenance aspects for your diesel powered equipment.
Our serviced areas are from Northern NSW, through the whole Gold Coast region and hinterland, and right up to Brisbane. Call NOW for prompt response, or email us and we can contact you to discuss how Dynamic Diesel Services can provide your oil distribution and supply solution.
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