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How to drive a heavy vehicle safely  

Driving a regular car and driving a heavy vehicle like a bus, truck or a tractor are two different things. Both have many similarities, the principles of driving a car can be used for driving a truck, but yet, there are many things that might be new to you if you are planning to start driving a truck, or any

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Why should you use only Synforce Lubricant for your vehicle?  

To ensure that your vehicles perform to the best of their ability, you have to make sure you provide good quality oil and lubricants that is recommended and used by expert mechanics. Dynamic Diesel Services use and recommend Synforce Lubricants for lubricating your heavy vehicles. You know a lubricant is of good quality when it possesses these characteristics: high boiling

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What is mobile on site repair and how does it work?  

Mobile on site repair means that when you call a repair service, they reach to your location with all the equipment needed. Our team at Dynamic Diesel Services is made up of skilled and experienced mechanics. Our maintenance plan allows you to keep your trucks running smoothly (no matter where they may be on the Gold Coast) by preventing major

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Things to check before buying a second hand heavy vehicle  

Buying a second hand heavy vehicle gives you the advantage of getting it at a cheaper price. It provides an easy start to your business. However, before buying a used heavy vehicle, it is absolutely necessary to be armed with some good advice. Know what your exact price range is, and don’t deviate from that original plan. Find out if

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5 reasons why you should service your truck regularly  

Your truck forms an essential part of your business, that is why you would never want it to break down during a time most unexpected. Neglecting truck service can lead to unfortunate events like an accident which can not only damage your truck, but also cause serious injury or even death to your driver. Here are 5 reasons to let

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Why does your vehicle need preventative maintenance?  

Preventative maintenance assures optimal working conditions and conserves the life span of your vehicle. It helps to eliminate hindrances and delays. Lack of maintenance or inadequate maintenance can lead to unwelcome situations. Here are some reasons why you should have a preventative maintenance done for your vehicle on a regular basis: Saves cost: A sudden vehicle failure can cause unplanned downtime, this can

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Done the Dynamic Diesel Services way - Brisbane  

Earthmoving equipment is a very expensive investment so at Dynamic Diesel Services, we understand just how important it is to keep your machinery running. Broken down earthmoving equipment means you are losing both money and productivity. If your earthmoving equipment has broken down, you need to get it back into action promptly and economically. Dynamic Diesel Services, Gold Coast are

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Keep your cool this summer with Dynamic Diesel Services air-conditioning repairs - Brisbane  

Enduring a hot, Australian summer without air-conditioning can be almost unbearable. Particularly for truck drivers who spend hours in a cabin of a truck, driving through the days and nights, with no respite from the humidity and hot air. Dynamic Diesel Services, Gold Coast can come to the rescue with air-conditioning repairs to not just heavy vehicles but also cars,

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Dynamic Diesel Services will get you back on the road - Brisbane  

As the saying goes, without trucks Australia stops. Heavy vehicles transport all manner of items and produce across our country and if one of those trucks breaks down, it can be a real catastrophe. Having a driver stranded with a full load, costs you money in labour, lost revenue and can tarnish your professional reputation for missing deadlines. On top

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Selling your heavy vehicle and need repairs done - Brisbane  

Dynamic Diesel Services, based at Ormeau on the Gold Coast can help you get your heavy vehicle sold and fast! Whether you have a fleet and intend to sell one of your heavy vehicles, 4WD’s, commercial vans, bus or earthmoving machinery, they all need to be made roadworthy before a sale can go through. Plus, if you already know you

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