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Why should you get pre-purchase inspections?  

When you plan to invest a huge amount of money on a heavy vehicle, you have to make sure the vehicle you are buying is up to standard. A pre-purchase inspection will make sure that every element of the vehicle, including its interior and exterior is well, and it will also make sure to have you informed on any kind

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After we make a plan, a routine and a schedule, we do everything to make sure to complete our task before the deadline. Missing the deadline of a construction work can lead to serious consequences like unsatisfied clients, paying for overtime, disruption of other tasks which were related to the current task and so much more. Here are a few

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Road rules for heavy vehicles that you should know  

Road rules for heavy vehicles in Queensland include rules for safe following distances, stopping, parking, load limits and using low gears. A vehicle gets classified as a heavy vehicle when it weighs more than 4.5 tons, or when its length is more than 7.5 metres. Safe Following Distances A heavy vehicle with a length of 7.5 metres or more must

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5 types of earthmoving equipment  

The market is flooded with various types of earthmoving equipment, and you might want to know the applications and features of each of them in case you are considering to buy any kind of earthmoving equipment for your business. The main types of earthmoving equipment available with the heavy duty dealers are: Excavators: The excavators can be used on wheels or on

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What to do during a downtime?  

When you are in the middle of work at a store, construction site, factory or elsewhere, you have to be dependent on a truck, or any other vehicle to deliver your goods, or to carry out any other task. However, it is not uncommon to suddenly get a call and to hear that the vehicle will be late because of

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Things you should know about a heavy vehicle safety certificate  

Vehicle inspection is a procedure mandated by the government in many countries including Australia, in which a vehicle is inspected to ensure that it confirms to regulations governing safety, emissions or both. Vehicle inspection in Australia is done on a state basis. Each state or territory has the authority to set its own laws pertaining to vehicle inspections. In the state of

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How to drive a heavy vehicle safely  

Driving a regular car and driving a heavy vehicle like a bus, truck or a tractor are two different things. Both have many similarities, the principles of driving a car can be used for driving a truck, but yet, there are many things that might be new to you if you are planning to start driving a truck, or any

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Why should you use only Synforce Lubricant for your vehicle?  

To ensure that your vehicles perform to the best of their ability, you have to make sure you provide good quality oil and lubricants that is recommended and used by expert mechanics. Dynamic Diesel Services use and recommend Synforce Lubricants for lubricating your heavy vehicles. You know a lubricant is of good quality when it possesses these characteristics: high boiling

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What is mobile on site repair and how does it work?  

Mobile on site repair means that when you call a repair service, they reach to your location with all the equipment needed. Our team at Dynamic Diesel Services is made up of skilled and experienced mechanics. Our maintenance plan allows you to keep your trucks running smoothly (no matter where they may be on the Gold Coast) by preventing major

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Things to check before buying a second hand heavy vehicle  

Buying a second hand heavy vehicle gives you the advantage of getting it at a cheaper price. It provides an easy start to your business. However, before buying a used heavy vehicle, it is absolutely necessary to be armed with some good advice. Know what your exact price range is, and don’t deviate from that original plan. Find out if

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